genZ lickmydingaling

The network is running the minds, the individual is swimming in an overcrowded swimming pool of so-seeming individuality.

I learned to see this as the most challenging problems of our generation (Z).

Everyone would jump from one trend to another, not being able to dedicate yourself to a subject and also the incapability to differentiate between good and bad, significant and senseless.


Consumption in general reached an all-time-high and it is of course mostly recognizable in the internet, but to shine on TikTok you need to consume a lot in the physical world.

While everyone is allegedly making the best of their lives, it is certain that the reason and motivation behind all these aspirations is often just to share something impressive to ones Instagram audience instead of actually doing things out of pure conviction.


Many would say that you cannot wear the same outfit twice on instagram, meaning the amount of clothes you need to buy to post constantly is either horrendously expensive or produced under poor conditions.


Either way Denim is some kind of antihero in this fast-pace-universe. The durability of the fabric and the simplicity of its shape and design make jeans stay in wardrobes way longer than other clothes. But on the other side you can see the trend going towards bigger prints and logos on jeans, so you can recognize and determine ones status quicker.

Also there’s am imbalance between hype and quality. Hyped garments will be bought no matter how bad the production conditions were, and the superstars hyping these garments by wearing them have not even risked a glance into the production circumstances.


I think the market will develop in the right way when Gen-Z gets older, but there has to be more educational work starting from the top of the Influencer-chain. That’s why we at Lildenimjean try to enlighten the youth with the facts behind the Jeans and try to empower sustainable ways of making and re-making Jeans, so that the consumerism gets more circular and genuinely individual.