Second Skin

“Oh, it’s going to show them. Let’s give it one or two more seasons and they’re gonna be back. Oh how they laughed at me. Oh, how I suffered; not being able to move properly- to squat- the pain, when going to the bathroom, the constant pinching in my crotch! You, with your stone-cold washed hearts, you are going to be on the loose end when the knot gets tighter; when the Jeans finally become the tightly cut twill they ought to be. Wrapped around my legs, like the unrelenting grasp of death’s boney embrace. Cotton twill as sweet as...

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It's a sad world we live in, where the best quality jeans for prices way under the usual margin are sold by money-allergic kids from germany who appease the bleeding-heart radical left. The latest to crumble under the weight of Political
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Millennials Are Killing For Lil Denim Jeans

They're killing brick-and-mortar retail stores. They're killing book sales. Thev're even killing car dealerships. It turns out, the next thing the millennial generation has set their eyes on is Jeans

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genZ lickmydingaling

The network is running the minds, the individual is swimming in an overcrowded swimming pool of so-seeming individuality.

I learned to see this as the most challenging problems of our generation (Z).

Everyone would jump from one trend to another, not being able to dedicate yourself to a subject and also the incapability to differentiate between good and bad, significant and senseless.

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What does Philipp Plein’s success have in common with Satanists?

Let’s take a step back before we answer this question tho. First, PLEASE don’t get me wrong. I’m in no way a fan or supporter of this fashion label, but I’m not oblivious to its success either. Philipp Plein sells clothes. A lot of them. And for a price tag so high, others could use it to pay for two months of rent in New York. Why is that and why does Plein’s concept also influence the way other high fashion houses will run their business in the future?


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Life taste like denim

... if your denim tastes sweet but not too sweet, like fresh coconut, with a note of bitter in the end from the lemonskin and the next day your stomach can feel like after a Absinth degustation, but not always, it really does taste like Denim.
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