About us 

Starting in 2019 with the idea of empowering the pants in todays vision of style we opened the digital pants museum "lildenimjean" on Instagram. Following an overwhelming support by our followers, because honestly everyone has seen enough Off-White Sneakers and Balenci Hoodies, we made it to nearly 100k followers and helped a lot of young designers start-off their career by reposting the really talented and passioned people.

Our first rule is to not sell-out our influence, this is supposed to be, just like a physical museum, a place of education and community. In reward to this commitment the backing of our community gave us the chance to have conversations with likeminded people around the globe and even brought us an article in the Vogue Magazine

To evolve further we decided to move to Italy, where the best Jeans of Europe are made, with the goal of becoming professionals in the denim fashion sector, and maybe even evolve some of its technical aspects.

Starting our own online shop and give the pieces from the Museum to the people who love them the most was always a dream. We hope you like it. We're adding new pairs every week.

Thank you for your interest,

Lildenim & Jean <3



For Retailers 

For any questions or information on sales, wholesale availability and becoming a Lildenimjean official retailer please contact: